Window Selector Dialog Box

Window Selector Dialog Box

SQL Server 2000

Use the Window Selector dialog box to navigate windows in SQL Query Analyzer.


Select window(s)

List the windows that are open in SQL Query Analyzer. The active window appears in blue. The list box displays this information about each window.

Column Description
Window Type The type of window, such as Query Window, Transact-SQL Debugger, or Object Search.
Server Database server.
Database Database context for the window.
User Login that opened the window.
Description Information about the window. Information includes the name of an unsaved window, the name and path of a saved window, and the name of a stored procedure in the Transact-SQL Debugger.


Make the selected window the active window and close the dialog box.

Close Window(s)

Close the selected windows.


Save the contents of the selected window to a file.

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