Object Search Dialog Box

Object Search Dialog Box

SQL Server 2000

Use the Object Search dialog box to locate objects in the current database server.


Object name

Specify the name of the object to find.

Case sensitive

Specify a case-sensitive search, regardless of the case-sensitive setting of the database server.


Specify the database to be searched or specify all databases.

Hit limit

Specify the maximum number of items to return.

All object types

Consider all object types when performing the search.

System table

Search for system tables.

User table

Search for user tables.


Search for views.

Stored procedure

Search for stored procedures.

User defined function

Search for user defined functions.


Search for columns.


Search for indexes.


Search for triggers.

Extended procedure

Search for extended stored procedures.

DRI constraint

Search for declarative referential integrity constraints.

Extended property search

Search for extended properties.

Property name Specify the name of the property to find.
Property value Specify the property value to find.

Find Now

Begin the search operation. The search results are displayed in the lower part of the window.

Note  Right-click the results to display the Context Menu, which enables you to open the selected object in the Open Table window, or perform various editing and scripting activities.

New Search

Clear the selected items so new search criteria can be specified.

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