Editor Tab, Options Dialog Box

Editor Tab, Options Dialog Box

SQL Server 2000

Use the Editor tab on the Options dialog box to configure the Editor pane.


Number of Undo buffers

Specify the number of undo operations that can be performed.

Max Undo buffer size

Specify the total size of all undo buffers.

Undo buffer limit handling

Specify how undo buffer limitations are handled.

Tab size (in spaces)

Specify the number of spaces to indent when the tab key is used.

Save tabs as spaces

Specify whether tabs are saved as spaces or as tab characters.

Disable dragging text within editor

Control whether text can be dragged in the Editor pane.

Default (non-Unicode) file open format

Specify the default file format.

Tabbed mode (vs. Split mode)

Specify whether query results are displayed on separate tabs (Tabbed mode) or all in the lower half of the Query window.

Switch to Results tab after query executes

Specify whether the Results tab is displayed automatically when a query is executed. If this is not enabled, you must select the Results tab manually.

Show tabs on top

Specify whether the window tabs are displayed at the top or bottom of the window.

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