SQL Server 2000

The Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) language is used to manipulate multidimensional information in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services. MDX is defined in the OLAP extensions in OLE DB.

Similar to SQL in many respects, MDX provides a rich and powerful syntax for the retrieval and manipulation of multidimensional data, such as the data stored in cubes on the Analysis server. Analysis Services supports MDX functions in the definitions of calculated members, as well as a full language implementation for building local cubes and querying cube data using PivotTable® Service with OLE DB and Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO).

Additionally, MDX supports the creation and registration of user-defined functions. You can create user-defined functions to operate on multidimensional data and accept arguments and return values in the MDX syntax.

The following topics provide more information about MDX.

Topic Description
MDX Overview Describes basic MDX concepts and provides a comparison between SQL syntax and MDX syntax.
Basic MDX Gives a basic overview of the construction of a simple MDX query.
Advanced MDX Details more advanced information, such as named sets and calculated members, for complex MDX queries.
Effective MDX Provides a list of tips, workarounds, and feature discussions regarding MDX.
MDX Functions in Analysis Services Details the statements and functions supported by MDX.

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