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JoinClause (clsColumn)

SQL Server 2000

JoinClause (clsColumn)

The JoinClause property of an object of ClassType clsColumn specifies the JOIN clause of the SQL query that returns a nested table for the column. This property applies to columns that belong to mining model objects of SubClassType sbclsRegular.

Data Type





This property is read/write only for nested columns (columns of SubClassType sbclsNested). For regular columns (columns of SubClassType sbclsRegular), this property is read-only and returns the JoinClause property of the column's parent object.

Creating a Nested Column

The following example creates a nested column and establishes two joins to the parent columns based on the SalesRep column and the Product column:

Set dsoNestedCol = dsoDmm.Columns.AddNew("Products", sbclsNested)
dsoNestedCol.FromClause = "Sales, SalesReps, Products"
dsoNestedCol.JoinClause = "Sales.SalesRep = SalesReps.Name AND Sales.Product = Products.Product"
dsoNestedCol.Filter = ""
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