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How to save row values into global variables (Enterprise Manager)

SQL Server 2000

How to save row values into global variables (Enterprise Manager)

To save row values into global variables

  1. From the Connection toolbar, drag a Microsoft® OLE DB Provider for SQL Server connection to the Data Transformation Services (DTS) design sheet.

  2. In the Connection Properties dialog box, in the Database list, click pubs.

  3. From the Task toolbar, drag an Execute SQL task to the design sheet.

  4. In the Execute SQL Task Properties dialog box, in the Existing connection list, click the pubs connection just created.

  5. In the SQL statement box, type the SQL code. For example:
    SELECT *
    FROM titleauthor
    WHERE (royaltyper = '40')
  6. Click Parameters, click Create Global Variables, and then enter the global variable names. For example: o_au_id, o_title_id, o_au_order, and o_royaltyper.

  7. Click the Output Parameters tab, click Row Value, and in the Output Global Variables column, click a row and select the global variable from the list to hold the column's data.

    You can skip a column when saving values to a global variable. For example, if you do not want to store the value of the title_id column, modify the Output Global Variable column to assign the title_id column to <none>.

    Note  If the package has been executed and a value previously returned into the o_title_id global variable, setting the title_id column to <none> will not reset or null the value of o_title_id. The global variable will contain the last value to which it was set. For more information, see Using Global Variables with DTS Packages.

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