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Cube Varieties

SQL Server 2000

Cube Varieties

Analysis Services provides several varieties of cubes. All cubes, with the exception of local cubes, are based in part on a regular cube. A local cube can be based on a regular cube, but does not require a regular cube in order to be created.

The following table displays the features supported among the cube varieties.

  Regular Virtual Linked Offline Write-enabled Distributed Partitioned Real-time
Regular ---- N N N Y Y Y
Virtual Y** N Y** N N N Y*
Linked Y*** Y*** N N N N Y
Offline N N N ---- N N N
Write-enabled Y N N N ---- Y Y
Distributed Partitioned Y N N N Y ---- Y
Real-time Y Y* Y N Y Y ----

* Only if based on a source real-time cube; virtual cubes do not directly support real-time updates.
** Virtual cubes can be based only on regular or linked source cubes.
*** Linked cubes can be based only on regular or virtual source cubes.

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