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How to create a new project using the SQL Project wizard

SQL Server 2000

How to create a new project using the SQL Project wizard

The SQL Project Wizard helps you to create an English Query model from a SQL database. It extracts the structure of a database and creates and defines the entities and relationships for an English Query application.

To create a project using the SQL Project Wizard

  1. On the File menu, click New Project.

  2. In the Name box of the New Project dialog box, enter a name and select a location for the project.

  3. Double-click SQL Project Wizard.

  4. Connect to the database using the Data Link Properties dialog box.

  5. On the Provider tab, double-click the OLE DB provider to use.

  6. On the Connection tab, follow the on-screen instructions for the specific provider and click OK.

    Note  The options on the Connection tab vary with the provider chosen.

  7. In the New Database Tables and Views dialog box, select the table or tables from the database to make accessible to the model and then click OK.

    Either double-click the available table or tables or select the table and click the > button to make it accessible to the model.

    Note  To include all of the tables, click the >> button. To remove one or more tables from the Selected list, double-click the tables or select the ones to remove and click the < button. To remove all of the tables from the Selected list, click the >> button.

  8. In the Project Wizard, select or clear the entities and relationships to be includes or removes from the project.

    Expand the entities to view the relationships that can be automatically created from the SQL database structure. Click an entity, relationship, or phrasing icon to edit the proposed entities or relationships.

  9. When all of the desired entities and relationships have been selected, click OK.

    Now, refine the model and address the questions that users are expected to ask.

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