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How to add a table

SQL Server 2000

Further expand a model by adding tables to it.

To add a table

  1. On the Model menu, select Add Database Object, and then select Add Table.

  2. For each new field, enter the name in the Field Name column, select the Data Type, and enter an optional Caption.

  3. To choose the fields that constitute the primary key, select the field, right-click on the far left gray column for that field, then and choose Primary Key.

    To select multiple fields at once, press CTRL and click in the far left gray column for each field.

  4. On the Basic tab, select or enter the options desired.

    Note  The available options vary with the Data Type chosen.

  5. Click the Advanced tab and set or change the options related to Null values, denormalization, and aggregation.

  6. When finished setting the options, click OK.

    The table is created with a default name.

  7. On the SQL tab, right-click the new table, click Rename.

  8. Enter a name for the table and press ENTER.

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