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Virtual Directory Properties Dialog Box (Virtual Names Tab)

SQL Server 2000

Virtual Directory Properties Dialog Box (Virtual Names Tab)

Use this tab to create a virtual name that is specified directly as part of the URL to execute a template file, execute an XPath query against a mapping schema file, or access a database object. Because only virtual names are included in the URL, the information about what is executed and where files are stored is not exposed. This provides additional security.


Defined virtual names

Specify the virtual name by which you will access the resource. For example, the virtual name as in the VirtualRoot virtual directory can be accessed at http://IISServer/VirtualRoot/as/.


Specify the type of query for which the virtual name is being created.

Indicates a database object.
Indicates an XPath query against a mapping schema.
Indicates SQL queries in a template file.


Specify the directory path where the templates and mapping schemas are located. The path can be absolute or relative (relative to the physical directory associated with the virtual directory). If a virtual name is created for dbobject type, no path is necessary. Click the browse (...) button to search the directory path. The browse button is unavailable when managing remote computers.

When you create a template or schema mapping, the path can be a path to a folder or a path to a file. When the path is to a folder, the file name must be included on the URL (for example, http://IISServer/VirtualRoot/as/schema.xml). When the path is to a file, the mapping goes directly to that file, so only that file can be used.

URL paths are not allowed (the IIS Virtual Directory Management for SQL Server utility does not validate path entries).


Click to create a new virtual name.


Click to delete a mapping selected from the list of defined mappings.

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