SQL Server Enterprise Manager

SQL Server Enterprise Manager

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® Management Console (MMC) is a tool that presents a common interface for managing different server applications in a Microsoft Windows® network. Server applications provide a component called an MMC snap-in that presents MMC users with a user interface for managing the server application. SQL Server Enterprise Manager is the Microsoft SQL Server™ MMC snap-in.

SQL Server Enterprise Manager is the primary administrative tool for SQL Server and provides an MMC-compliant user interface that allows users to:

  • Define groups of SQL Server instances.

  • Register individual servers in a group.

  • Configure all SQL Server options for each registered server.

  • Create and administer all SQL Server databases, objects, logins, users, and permissions in each registered server.

  • Define and execute all SQL Server administrative tasks on each registered server.

  • Design and test SQL statements, batches, and scripts interactively by invoking SQL Query Analyzer.

  • Invoke the various wizards defined for SQL Server.
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