Virtual Directory Properties Dialog Box (Advanced Tab)

Virtual Directory Properties Dialog Box (Advanced Tab)

SQL Server 2000

Virtual Directory Properties Dialog Box (Advanced Tab)

Use this tab to specify the location of the ISAPI extension dynamic-link library (DLL) (Sqlisapi.dll for Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000). This file is required to access an instance of SQL Server 2000 through the virtual directory.


ISAPI Location

Specify the location of the Sqlisapi.dll. If the virtual directory is created on a remote server, you may have to provide the location of the Sqlisapi.dll (by default, Sqlisapi.dll is installed in the Program Files\Common Files\System\Ole DB directory). If Sqlisapi.dll is moved from its default location, the Sqlisapi.rll must also be moved to the same location.

Additional user settings

Specify additional optional settings. These settings are appended unparsed to the connection string passed in to OLE DB.

Caching options

Sqlisapi.dll has a caching option that stores the mapping schema in a cache to be reused in subsequent queries.

Select Disable caching of mapping schemas to prevent caching the mapping schemas. The mapping schemas are reloaded each time a query is executed against the schema.

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