Target Servers (Target Server Status Tab)
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Target Servers (Target Server Status Tab)

SQL Server 2000

Use this tab to view or specify the following options.


Target server

View the name of the target server. If you right-click on this server, you can also view the properties of the server, check the state of SQL Server Agent, and view the SQL Server Agent error log.

Local time

View the current date and time of the target server in its time zone.

Last polled

View the local date and time that the target server last polled the master server.

Unread instructions

View how many instructions from the master server have not yet been read by the target server.


View the status of the target server: blocked, OK, or offline. Offline indicates that the selected target server has not polled the master server within the last three poll intervals.

Force Poll

Force the selected target server to poll the master server.

Force Defection

Force the selected target server to defect from the master server.

Post Instructions

Post instructions for one or more target servers.

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