Transform Data Task Properties (Lookups Tab)
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Transform Data Task Properties (Lookups Tab)

SQL Server 2000

Use this tab to define a lookup query. Before defining a lookup query, you must first create connections for the source, binding, and lookup tables, and specify the source and binding tables.



Type a name for the lookup.


Choose an existing connection from the list on which to execute the lookup query.


Type a value for or view the number of lookup results saved in a cache. Caching is especially useful with lookups if the number of rows being transformed is large, and you are querying on a small number of rows in the lookup table.


Build the lookup query in the Data Transformation Services (DTS) Query Designer. You can also paste the query from a text editor into the SQL pane.


Create a new lookup query, which will be listed as a row in the Lookups table.


Removes the highlighted lookup query from the Lookups table.

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