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Distributing SQL Server Client Components

SQL Server 2000

If your customers already have an installed instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 to which they can connect, you need only ensure that they have the client components used by your application. Your setup application should check for installed client components and install those that are absent.

There are two levels of client component installation:

  • Client connectivity components (MDAC only)

    If your application requires only the relational database client connectivity components that support ADO, OLE DB, or ODBC, use Sqlredis.exe, the SQL Server-specific Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) redistribution file. This file is located on the distribution disc in the \x86\Other directory.

    Sqlredis.exe installs the OLE DB and ODBC core components, the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, the SQL Server ODBC driver, and the default SQL Server client Net-Libraries. For more information about running Sqlredis.exe, see sqlredis Software Distribution Executable.

  • Connectivity (MDAC with additional client components)

    The following SQL Server client components can be installed together with the connectivity components and redistributed with SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000):

    • Distributed Component Object Model 95 (DCOM95)

    • PivotTable® Service

    • Decision Support Objects (DSO)

    • English Query

    • Replication

    • Data Transformation Services (DTS)

    • Distributed Management Objects (DMO)

    • SQL Namespace (SQL NS)

    • DB-Library

    For more information about these components and lists of DLL files that must be copied and registered during the installation process, see the file Redist.txt on the SQL Server 2000 compact disc. Your setup application must install the files needed by these additional components after installing MDAC.

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