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Copy Database Wizard Help

SQL Server 2000

The Copy Database Wizard provides a convenient online way to move or copy databases and their objects from one server to another, with no server downtime. Using this wizard, you can:

  • Pick a source and destination server.

  • Select databases to move or copy.

  • Specify the file location for the databases.

  • Create logins on the destination server.

  • Copy supporting objects, jobs, user-defined stored procedures, and error messages.

  • Schedule when to move or copy the databases.

Important  For the Copy Database Wizard to work, you must be a member of the sysadmin fixed server role on the source server, as well as on the destination server. In other words, you must be an administrator on the server from which the database is to be copied, as well as an administrator on the server to which the database is being copied.

Copy Database Wizard DTS Custom Tasks

The Copy Database Wizard is built as a Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package that runs on the destination server. After the wizard screens have been completed, Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 automatically names and saves the package on the destination server. The package is saved whether or not it is run immediately, scheduled for a later date, or scheduled on a recurring basis.

The DTS custom tasks are also available as stand-alone items in the DTS Designer, and can be used in any DTS Package (not just with the Copy Database Wizard). The five custom tasks are:

  • Database Move/Copy Task

  • Logins Copy Task

  • Jobs Copy Task

  • Master Stored Procedures Copy Task

  • Error Messages Copy Task

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