readpipe Utility

readpipe Utility

SQL Server 2000

The readpipe utility tests the integrity of the network Named Pipe services, in conjunction with makepipe.


readpipe /Sserver_name /Dstring [/n] [/q] [/w] [/t] [/p pipe_name] [/h]



Is the name of a default instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™ on which you just ran makepipe. readpipe does not support named instances of SQL Server 2000. There are no spaces between /S and server_name.


Is a test character string. There are no spaces between /D and string.


Specifies the number of iterations.


Queries for incoming data (polling). Without /q, readpipe reads the pipe and waits for data.


Specifies the wait time, in seconds, to pause while polling. The default is 0.


Asks for Transact-SQL named pipes. This option overrides polling.

/p pipe_name

Is the name of the pipe. The default pipe_name is abc.


Displays usage.

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