odbccmpt Utility

odbccmpt Utility

SQL Server 2000

The odbccmpt utility enables or disables the compatibility option for an ODBC application executable file.


odbccmpt file_name [/v:version_number] [/P] [/T] [/R] [/d]



Is the name of the application executable file for which the compatibility option is to be turned on/off. For example, if the full path and name of your executable file is C:\Winnt\System32\MyApp.exe, only specify MyApp. Do not enclose file_name in quotation marks.

Do not specify the name of the executable file for:

  • Any application in the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 program group.

  • Any SQL Server 2000 command prompt utility.

  • The SQL Server executable file, Sqlservr.exe.


Specifies that the application should be run in 6.x or 7.0 compatibility mode. Allowable values for version_number are 6 and 7. Invoking this option requests the server to communicate with the application using a lower level protocol.


Requires a connection peek call during SQL_ATTR_CONNECTION_DEAD. Excluding this option provides a small performance advantage for applications that use connection pooling.


Specifies that translations be turned off in the specified application. This option provides backward compatibility with applications that use SQLDriverConnect and have no way to customize their connection properties.


Specifies that the application should ignore calls for a connection reset. When a connection returns to the connection pool, the driver is called with SQL_COPT_SS_RESET. If this option is set, the application will ignore the call to reset the connection.


Disables the specified option for specified application. For example, odbccmpt /P /d will disable connection peek.

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