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Managing SQL Server Messages

Managing SQL Server Messages

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® SQL Server™ provides tools for managing server messages, allowing administrators to:

  • Search for specific error messages based on filters such as message text, error number, severity level, whether the message is user-defined, and whether the message is logged.

  • Create new messages. The Manage SQL Server Messages dialog box in Enterprise Manager does not support adding pure Unicode messages to the sysmessages table. To add such messages, use the sp_addmessage stored procedure. Be sure to use the N prefix on the 'msg' parameter (for example, @msgtext = N'xxx').

  • Edit user-defined messages.

  • Delete user-defined messages.

To add a new SQL Server message

Enterprise Manager

To manage SQL Server messages

Enterprise Manager

To edit a SQL Server message

Enterprise Manager

To delete a SQL Server message

Enterprise Manager

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