This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Description Property

Office 2003

Returns the description of the specified style. For example, a typical description for the Heading 2 style might be "Normal + Font: Arial, 12 pt, Bold, Italic, Space Before 12 pt After 3 pt, KeepWithNext, Level 2." Read-only String.


This example creates a new document and inserts a tab-delimited list of the active document's styles and their descriptions.

Dim docActive As Document
Dim docNew As Document
Dim styleLoop As Style

Set docActive = ActiveDocument
Set docNew = Documents.Add

For Each styleLoop In docActive.Styles
    With docNew.Range
        .InsertAfter Text:=styleLoop.NameLocal & Chr(9) _
            & styleLoop.Description
    End With
Next styleLoop

Applies to | Style Object