This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

AdvancedSearchStopped Event

Office 2003

Occurs when a specified Search object's Stop method has been executed.

Private Sub application_ AdvancedSearchStopped(ByVal SearchObject As Object)

expression    A variable that references an object of type Application declared with events in a class module.

SearchObject    The Search object returned by the AdvancedSearch method.


After this event is fired, the Search object's Results collection will no longer be updated. This event can only be triggered programmatically.


The following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example starts searching the Inbox for items with subject equal to "Test" and immediately stops the search. This causes the AdvanceSearchStopped event procedure to be run. The sample code must be placed in a class module such as ThisOutlookSession. The StopSearch() procedure must be called before the event procedure can be called by Microsoft Outlook.

Sub StopSearch()
	Dim sch As Outlook.Search
	Dim strScope As String
	Dim strFilter As String
	strScope = "Inbox"
	strFilter = "urn:schemas:httpmail:subject = 'Test'"
	Set sch = Application.AdvancedSearch(strScope, strFilter)
End Sub
Private Sub Application_AdvancedSearchStopped(ByVal SearchObject As Search)
	'Inform the user that the search has stopped.
	MsgBox "An AdvancedSearch has been interrupted and stopped. "
End Sub


Applies to | Application Object