This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Solution Starters

Office 2003

The solution starters for Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 provide documentation and downloads with working sample applications that show how to build and install extensions to integrate other applications with Project Server. Solution starters are designed to address common business scenarios for enterprise project management.

The ERP Connector, BizTalk Server Workflow, and Project Server to Siebel solution starters use components developed with the Project Data Service (PDS), and include source code for PDS extensions. The Portfolio Analyzer OLAP Extensions and the Enterprise Reporting solution starters are based on online analytical processing (OLAP) and use the Portfolio Analyzer feature of Project Server. The solution starters available include samples for integrating Project Server with enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, Microsoft BizTalk® Server and Siebel CRM (Customer Relationship Management), extending the OLAP cube for Portfolio Analyzer, and cross-server reporting.

  • BizTalk Server Workflow Solution Starter Integrate a timesheet application built using BizTalk Server with Project Server 2003, to enable quick changes in business workflow processes. The sample includes five PDS Extenders to dynamically integrate workflow processes with Project Server data.
  • Project Server to Siebel Solution Starter Integrate Project Server 2003 with the Siebel CRM application. The sample includes a PDS Extender to generate projects in Project Server 2003 from sales opportunity and resource data in Siebel, and a Siebel Business Service extension to synchronize Siebel with data from Project Server.
  • Portfolio Analyzer OLAP Extensions Solution Starter Learn how to extend the Portfolio Analyzer cube and add views. Samples include adding a pay period dimension, and extensions for task issues and risks and task earned value. These extensions help project managers analyze and report the earned value and evaluate risks across a project portfolio.
  • Enterprise Reporting Solution Starter Learn the recommended way to implement enterprise rollup with a single point of query. The solution starter includes a working sample of code that you can deploy quickly with little or no customization because it uses technologies that are already included in every Project Server deployment.
  • Project Server 2003 to ERP Connector Solution Starter Integrate Project Server with the SAP® solutions mySAP™ ERP Human Capital Management and mySAP ERP Financials. The ERP Connector solution starter shows how to synchronize the resource breakdown structure (RBS) with enterprise text fields and outline codes, create projects from accounting data in the mySAP ERP Financials CO subsystem, and integrate timesheet actuals with mySAP ERP Financials PS subsystem for cost accounting. The solution starter includes an administration page for Microsoft Project Web Access 2003 written with ASP.NET and five PDS extensions written with Microsoft Visual C#.