Task Form Custom View

Task Form Custom View

Office 2003

The Task Form custom view sample is part of the Project Guide 101 download for Microsoft® Office Project 2003. The section Custom Views and the LoadWebBrowserControl Method refers to this sample to explain the development of a custom view. The following figure shows the custom Task Form view.

Task Form custom view sample

Task Form custom view sample

Files for the Task Form Custom View

The following table briefly describes the files for the Task Form custom view sample. If you execute the pj11ProjectGuide101.exe download file, the files are installed in the following default path:

[Program Files]\Microsoft Office 2003 SDKs\Microsoft Office Project 2003 SDK\Project Guide 101\Samples\CustomViews\TaskForm
File Description


Contains the bottom frame content of the custom view.


Contains the Microsoft JScript® functions used by EntryFrm.htm.


Modified side pane content; uses scripts on the sample mainpage.js instead of the default scripts.


JScript functions for mainpage.htm; includes the maps the Task Form custom view in handle_LoadWebPage event handler.


Content of the Task Form custom view.


JScript functions that help the layout of TaskFormFrame.htm.


HTML content of the wrapper page.


JScript functions for the wrapper page.


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