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Themes Collection

Office 2003
Multiple objects

A collection of Theme objects. Each Theme object represents a theme associated with an HTML page or a Web site in Microsoft FrontPage. The Theme object is a member of the Themes collection.

Using the Themes collection

Use the Themes property to return the Themes collection. The Themes property can be used with either the Application or the WebEx object. The Themes property for the Application object is the collection of themes available in FrontPage. The Themes property for the WebEx object is the collection of themes applied to the files within a Web site, or the collection of themes applied to a Web site. The following statement illustrates both the Themes and Count properties and returns the number of items in the Themes collection that are available in FrontPage.

myTotalThemeCount = Application.Themes.Count

The following statement returns the number of themes within the active Web site.

myWebThemeCount = ActiveWeb.Themes.Count

Use Themes(index), where index is the index number of a theme item, to return a single Theme object. The following statement returns the first theme in the Themes collection.

myThemeOne = Application.Themes(0)

Use the Application property to return the Application object. The following example returns the version and build number of FrontPage from within the Themes collection.

Note  To run this procedure you must have at least one open Web site.

Private Sub GetBuildNumber()
    Dim myThemes As Themes
    Dim myBuild As String

    Set myThemes = ActiveWeb.Themes

    myBuild = myThemes.Application.Build
End Sub

Use the Parent property when you want to return the container for the Themes collection. For example, the following statement returns the URL associated with the parent container of the Themes collection.

myParentUrl = ActiveWeb.Themes.Parent.Url

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