This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ISmartTagProperties Interface [Office 2003 SDK Documentation]

Office 2003

The ISmartTagProperties interface exposes the key and value pairs of the property bag created for a smart tag by a recognizer.

Member Summary


Name Type Description
Count Integer Counts the number of properties that are stored
KeyFromIndex String Returns a key string corresponding to the integer
Read String Gets a corresponding value string from the property bag
ValueFromIndex String Returns a value string corresponding to the integer


Name Description
Write Writes a key into the property bag.


The ISmartTagProperties interface supports a robust implementation of a property bag style interface. Its design goals are straightforward:

  • A keyed collection of properties is supported.
  • The keys and values of all properties are accessible.
  • The interface is implemented easily by any application, in any language.

The following interface description language defines the ISmartTagProperties interface.

  interface ISmartTagProperties : IDispatch
      [propget, id(1)]
      HRESULT Read([in] BSTR Key, [out, retval] BSTR *Value);
      HRESULT Write([in] BSTR Key, [in] BSTR Value);
      [propget, id(3)]
      HRESULT Count([out, retval] int *Count);
      [propget, id(4)]
      HRESULT KeyFromIndex([in] int Index, [out, retval] BSTR *Key);
      [propget, id(5)]
      HRESULT ValueFromIndex([in] int Index, [out, retval] BSTR *Value);