This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ChPlotArea Object

Office 2003
Multiple objects
Multiple objects

Represents the plot area on a chart (the area where the chart data is plotted). Pie, Doughnut, Radar, and Polar charts do not have a plot area; instead, these charts draw directly on the chart area.

Using the ChPlotArea object

The ChChart object's PlotArea property returns a ChPlotArea object.

The following example fills the plot area of the first chart in Chartspace1 with a predefined texture.

Sub FormatPlotArea()
Dim chConstants

Set chConstants = ChartSpace1.Constants

' Set the interior fill of the plot area to a preset texture.
ChartSpace1.Charts(0).PlotArea.Interior.SetTextured _

chConstants.chTextureParchment, chConstants.chTile

End Sub

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