This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ChDropZone Object

Office 2003
Multiple objects
Multiple objects

Represents a drop zone on charts that are bound to a relational data source.

Using the ChDropZone object

The ChartSpace object's DropZones method returns a ChDropZone object.

The following example formats the button and the watermark of the series drop zone in Chartspace1.

Sub Setup_DropZone()

    Dim dzSeriesDropZone
    Dim ChConstants

    Set chConstants = Chartspace1.Constants

    ' Set a variable to the series drop zone in Chartspace1.
    Set dzSeriesDropZone = ChartSpace1.DropZones(chConstants.chDropZoneSeries)

    ' The next three lines of code format the button of the drop zone.
    dzSeriesDropZone.ButtonBorder.Weight = chConstants.owcLineWeightMedium
    dzSeriesDropZone.ButtonInterior.SetSolid "Red"
    dzSeriesDropZone.ButtonFont.Size = 14

    ' The next three lines of code format the watermark of the drop zone.
    dzSeriesDropZone.WatermarkBorder.Color = "Red"
    dzSeriesDropZone.WatermarkFont.Color = "Red"
    dzSeriesDropZone.WatermarkInterior.SetSolid "Green"

End Sub