This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

xmlToEdit Element

Office 2003

Specifies an instance of an editing component.




Name Description
container(Optional attribute) Specifies an XPath expression that determines the context in which the control will be selectable and its actions enabled.
editWith(Optional element) Defines an instance of an editing component, and provides the corresponding parameters to determine its exact behavior.
item(Required attribute) Specifies an XPath expression that determines the XML Document Object Model (DOM) nodes to be edited using the editing component defined in the editWith element.
name (Required attribute) Used in the xmlToEdit attribute of the button element to associate actions of the associated editing component with buttons defined in menus and toolbars.
viewContext (Optional attribute) Specifies a string that identifies an HTML element in the view.


The xmlToEdit element is an optional element of the editing element.

xmlToEdit elements are used to define the editing components that can be used in a form. The xmlToEdit elements can contain multiple editWith elements that specify the editing components that will be used to edit various types of XML DOM nodes.


The following is an example of the xmlToEdit element:

   <xsf:xmlToEdit name="CD_10"
      <xsf:editWith caption="CD"
            <xsf:chooseFragment parent="CDCollection">

Parent Objects | editing Element

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