This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Overview: Project Renamer PDS Extender

Office 2003

When you use Microsoft® Office Project 2003 to work with local projects, you can rename single projects (.mpp files) or projects that are stored in a Project database (.mpd file). However, when you use Microsoft Office Project Professional to save a project to Microsoft Office Project Server 2003, there is no easy way to rename the project.

Project Renamer is a Project Data Service (PDS) extender that enables you to rename projects that are stored in Project Server. This article shows how to develop and install the Project Renamer PDS extender.

Download   The Project 2003: Project Renamer PDS Extender (pj11pdsxRenamer.exe) file includes the source code for the Project Renamer PDS extender. This file is available from the Microsoft Download Center.

You can call a PDS extender from a custom Web page in Project Web Access, or from another application or component. Creating a custom Project Web Access page is beyond the scope of this article. For more information, see the following:

The Project Renamer Extender implements the XMLRequestEx PDS extender interface for Project Server 2003, which is described in Writing a PDS Extender. The extender implements a custom method named RenameProject that can rename one or more projects specified by project ID. RenameProject checks for the correct permissions and duplicate project names, makes sure each project in the request is not checked out, and then builds and executes a SQL query that updates the project names in all locations of the affected tables. Because RenameProject is implemented within a PDS extender interface, it appears to a client that the PDS supports that functionality.

Note  The Project Renamer PDS extender is implemented to automatically rename all versions of a project when you rename a non-default version of that project.

The following topics describe how to develop and install the sample Project Renamer PDS extender.