This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

What's New in the PDS for Project Server 2003

Office 2003

Microsoft® Office Project Server 2003 includes new Project Data Service (PDS) APIs, and the new Service for Enterprise Data Maintenance (EDM) for higher-level programmatic management of enterprise projects, resources, and custom fields. Project Server 2003 can also host multiple sites; Using the PDS with Multiple Project Server Sites shows how to set up the Web Service Description Language files for both the PDS and the Service for EDM.

The new PDS methods provide better support for creating projects, and for creating and editing enterprise resource pools, custom fields, and outline codes. They also help to load and synchronize resource information from Active Directory.

There are also several changed PDS methods. The About... topic for each section indicates which methods are new or changed from Microsoft Project 2002. For each changed method, the request and reply elements that are new with Project Server 2003 are shown in bold.

Updates for Service Pack 1 (SP1) Project Server 2003 SP1 includes an optional <LockedDownByManager> tag in the timesheet methods. Following are topics updated for SP1.

Documentation Updates Following are the PDS topics updated for the Project 2003 SDK release of April, 2004:

Service for Enterprise Data Maintenance

The Service for EDM provides a file-drop service to connect with Project Server, and higher-level API based on the PDS. The Service for EDM enables easier integration of other business applications with Project Server.

Project Server 2003 includes a default file drop location, where the Service for EDM checks for and processes XML files that contain calls to the high-level methods. You may configure as many file drop locations as you need. The Service for EDM is also accessible through external application calls via SOAP or HTTP POST.

The Service for EDM provides the following methods:

  • Resource Data. These methods include ResourcesUpdate and ResourcesDeactivate. These Service for EDM methods aggregate the PDS methods ResourcesCheck, ProjectsCheckout, ResourcesCheckout, ResourcesUpdate, ResourceDeactivate, ResourceCodeValues, ResourceCodeValuesUpdate, ResourcesCheckin, and ProjectsCheckin.

  • ProjectTeam. This method aggregates the PDS methods ProjectsCheckout, ProjectData, ProjectResourcesBatch, ProjectResourcesReplace, ProjectResourcesDelete, ProjectResourcesCreate, ProjectResourcesDelete, ProjectsCheckin, and ProjectViewTablesCreate.

  • EnterpriseFieldUpdate. This Service for EDM method aggregates the PDS methods EnterpriseOutlineCodesHierarchical, EnterpriseCustomFields, ProjectsCheckout, EnterpriseOutlineCodeUpdate, and ProjectsCheckin.

New PDS Methods for Project Server 2003

The following PDS methods are new for version 2003:

New Project Method

New Enterprise Project Creation Methods

New Enterprise Resource Creation Methods

New Enterprise Custom Fields and Outline Code Editing Methods

New Timesheet Methods

New Project Server User Maintenance Methods

Changed Methods for Project Server 2003

The following PDS methods are changed from Microsoft Project 2002.