This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

RectIntersect Method

Office 2003

Returns a Range object that represents the rectangular intersection of the specified ranges. Returns Nothing if the specified ranges do not overlap.

expression.RectIntersect(Range1, Range2)

expression    Required. An expression that returns a Spreadsheet object

Range1   Required Range.

Range2   Required Range.


This example bolds the cells where the named range "Range1" overlaps the named range "Range2" in the active sheet of Spreadsheet1.

Sub BoldIntersection()

    Dim rngIntersect
    Dim rngFirstRange
    Dim rngSecondRange

    ' Set a variable to the first named range.
    Set rngFirstRange = Spreadsheet1.ActiveSheet.Range("Range1")

    ' Set a variable to the second named range.
    Set rngSecondRange = Spreadsheet1.ActiveSheet.Range("Range2")

    ' Set a variable to the intersection of the two named ranges.
    Set rngIntersect = Spreadsheet1.RectIntersect(rngFirstRange, rngSecondRange)

    ' Check whether the named ranges overlap.
    If Not rngIntersect Is Nothing Then

        ' Bold the font in the overlapping portion
        ' of the two ranges.
        rngIntersect.Font.Bold = True

    End If

End Sub


Applies to | Spreadsheet Object

See Also | RectUnion Method