This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

EnterpriseOutlineCodeUpdate Method

Office 2003


The PDS updates the specified outline code definitions in the Enterprise Global Template of Microsoft Office Project Server 2003.

The PDS uses the following business rules when it updates the value list:

  • For any value in the request that includes a UID, the PDS assumes that the value exists in Enterprise Global Template, and updates the outline code value and parent tree accordingly.

  • For any value in the request that does not include a UID, the PDS assumes it is a new value and adds it to the list. The PDS also adds the appropriate parent tree, based on the XML structure hierarchy.

If no value in the outline code list has a UID specified, the PDS deletes the entire existing value list and replaces it with the new list. Only “master” outline code value lists can be edited. If the value list of an aliased outline code needs to be edited, then EnterpriseOutlineCodeUpdate must be against the master and not the aliased field or the PDS returns an error. An aliased outline code shares the lookup table for another outline code.

The PDS also updates any of the other outline code definition fields as necessary: Name, Warpable, SelectLeafOnly, and SelectionRequired. The PDS ensures that no two values have the same UID, and that a UID is not used by another outline code value list; if these conditions are not met, it returns an error.





Required for OutlineCode. Only a single outline code is valid in each request.

Conversion values for the outline code UID are listed in Field ID Values for Enterprise Custom Fields.


Optional. If specified, EnterpriseOutlineCodeUpdate updates the outline code name.


Optional. No is 0 (default) and Yes is 1. Specifies whether the outline code is used for matching generic resources.


Optional. No is 0 (default) and Yes is 1.


Optional. No is 0 (default) and Yes is 1. Specifies whether the task, resource, or project outline code is required.


Required. The new field definition is in a hierarchical format.


Optional. Mask Type can have one of the following values:

Type Description
0 Numbers
1 Upper-case letters
2 Lower-case letters
3 Characters

The mask Separator can be any character that is not a number or a letter, for example: . + / -

Return Value

EnterpriseOutlineCodeUpdate returns a successful HRESULT and STATUS if the entire update is successful. Any failure returns an error code.



The PDS checks Project Server security to determine whether the logged-on user has valid Project Server permissions. The PDS also verifies that the Enterprise Global Template is checked out to the user.

EnterpriseOutlineCodeUpdate sets masks in the order listed, not by the <Level> tag specified.

It is invalid for outline code values to contain a Tab or Return character. If the EnterpriseOutlineCodeUpdate request contains a Tab or Return character inside the value of a node, Project Professional will show an import error message when it restarts (while loading the updated Enterprise Global).