This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

EnterpriseCustomFieldsUpdate Method

Office 2003


The PDS updates value list custom fields in the Enterprise Global Template of Microsoft Office Project Server 2003. The requested field must be an enterprise field and must support value lists.

The developer must provide the correct data types for the update. That is, if the field type is a number, then the Value elements in ValueList must all be numbers. The PDS simply updates the custom field with the new definition in the request and does not validate data types.


      </ CustomFields>
   </ EnterpriseCustomFieldsUpdate >


Multiple sets of custom fields are valid. Other parameters are optional.


Required. Field definition to update. Conversion values for FieldID are listed in Field ID Values for Enterprise Custom Fields.


Required. ValueList parameters provide the new field definition.

Return Value

If the custom field update is successful, then EnterpriseCustomFieldsUpdate returns a successful HRESULT and STATUS. If one update fails, the entire request fails.



The PDS checks Project Server security to determine whether the logged-on user has valid Project Server permissions.

The current user must also have the Enterprise Global template checked out to use EnterpriseCustomFieldsUpdate.