This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

EnterpriseCustomFields Method

Office 2003


The PDS returns from Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 the active enterprise custom field value list structures for all of the fields of the specified CodeType that have a value list associated with them, or for the fields specified by the CodeField list.





Optional. If CodeField is included in the request, then EnterpriseCustomFields returns only fields that correspond to the CodeField parameters; CodeType is ignored, even if it is included. Multiple CodeField parameters are valid.


Optional. If no parameters are given, then CodeType 0 is the default. Valid CodeType values are as follows:

CodeType Description
0 Project enterprise fields
1 Resource enterprise fields
2 Task enterprise fields

Return Value

If the code list request is successful, EnterpriseCustomFields returns a successful HRESULT and STATUS and the value lists for the specified fields.

If for any reason one of the requested code value lists cannot be found or any one of the requested code fields is not available, the entire request fails. The return includes each code field that failed and an error code.

   </ CustomFields>


The PDS checks Project Server security to determine whether the logged-on user has valid Project Server permissions.

Conversion values for FieldID are listed in Field ID Values for Enterprise Custom Fields.

If a request includes a CodeType or CodeField parameter that does not contain data, the error code 501 is returned (rsCodeTypeInvalid).