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ArcTo row (Geometry section)

ArcTo row (Geometry section)

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Contains the x- and y-coordinates and bow of a circular arc.

An ArcTo row contains the following cells.


Description X

The x-coordinate of the ending vertex of an arc. Y

The y-coordinate of the ending vertex of an arc. A

The distance from the arc's midpoint to the midpoint of its chord.


Arcs drawn in Microsoft Visio are elliptical arcs, even if they are based on a circle. By default, drawn arcs are represented by an EllipticalArcTo row in a ShapeSheet window. To show an ArcTo row in a ShapeSheet window, you must draw an arc, and then change the EllipticalArcTo row type to an ArcTo row type; in effect you are changing an elliptical arc to a circular arc.

To change a row type, right-click a row, and then click Change Row Type on the shortcut menu.