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Hyperlink.Row row (Hyperlinks section)

Hyperlink.Row row (Hyperlinks section)

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See also Section Cells

Contains the information for a single hyperlink associated with a shape. A shape will contain one Hyperlink.Row row for each hyperlink.

A Hyperlink.Row row contains the following cells. For more details, see the specific cell topics.


Description Description

A descriptive text string for a hyperlink. Address

A URL address, DOS file name, or UNC path to which to jump. SubAddress

A location within the target document to link to. ExtraInfo

A string that passes information to be used in resolving a URL. Frame

The name of a frame to target when Microsoft Visio is open as an Active document in an ActiveX container. The default is an empty string. NewWindow

Specifies whether to open the hyperlink in a new window. If TRUE, opens the linked page, document, or Web site in a new window. The default is FALSE. Default

The default hyperlink for a shape or page.


You can assign meaningful names to hyperlink rows. To change the row name, click it, and then type Marketing, for example, to create the row name Hyperlink.Marketing. You can then reference these cells by their row name, which appears in the ShapeSheet window in red text. For example, in the above named row you can reference the Description cell using Hyperlink.Marketing.Description.

The row name you enter must be unique within the section.