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Microsoft® Office XP Developer comes with numerous code samples that you can use for experimenting and becoming acquainted with features. Many of these samples, along with a sample application, have been collected in the Samples folder on the Office XP Developer CD-ROM. Wherever possible, these code samples were written not only for you to learn from studying how they work but also so you can use them directly in your custom applications.

The CD-ROM contains code samples illustrating Office programmability features, including samples that highlight each of the Office applications and demonstrate how to create useful forms, reports, and interfaces for them, samples that illustrate how add-ins can be loaded and used, information on how to work with shared components, and details about how to automate one application from another. In addition, several sample Office applications are included that you can use in your solutions. These sample applications include a progress bar that you can use in any Office application, an audit trail example that acts as a means of tracking all activities affecting a piece of information, and an Installer sample that makes it possible for developers to get the component IDs for Office features they want to be available on users' machines.

Some of the examples use data in Northwind.mdb, a sample database that ships with Microsoft® Access. In addition, some of the samples use the Solutions9.mdb sample file, which links to some of the tables in Northwind.mdb. If you have not installed the Northwind sample database, you must do so to take full advantage of these examples.

A sample workflow application for Microsoft® SQL Server™ is included on the CD-ROM that shows how to create a simple Issue Tracking application that consists of a Web-based user interface and a SQL Server database. The sample demonstrates how to track an issue through a basic series of states or steps in a business process.

Also included with Office XP Developer is the Code Librarian. The Code Librarian contains a large starter database of prewritten code for standard routines for Office, Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA), Office XP Developer projects, and the development environment. Each code snippet is associated with a category and multiple keywords, making it easy to find the code you are looking for. When you have located a desired piece of code in the Code Librarian, you can add that code to your code module.

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