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Regression Test Editor

SQL Server 2000

Use the Regression Test editor to display the regression file and test your model by trying old and new questions against English Query.

Right-click on the .eqr file in the Project Explorer window to use the following commands.


Display an editor with the original English question, the restatement, the answer, and the SQL statements.

Run Regression

Execute all of the questions available in the regression file and place the questions, their restatements, answers, and database query statements into a temporary regression output file.

An output file is a temporary file that results from running a regression. It is identical in format to a regression test file. When an output file is saved, it becomes a regression test file that can be used with multiple versions of the model.

Click View Output to view and edit the temporary output file. When you choose Promote, the contents of the temporary output file is saved as a new regression file.

A list of questions in a plain text file can also be run using this command.

View Output

Display the results of a regression test run that was performed after you clicked Run Regression.

The results include the restatements, answers, SQL commands, and database results in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. To edit the file and the changes, click View Output to open the editor before you click Run or Execute SQL again. If you click Promote, the changes appear in the new regression test file.

View Differences

Display the differences between the selected regression file and the output from the last time you clicked Run Regression on this regression file.

Use the View Differences command to determine whether the model is still functioning properly.


Copy the contents of the temporary output file to the original regression test file.

Click Promote to determine whether the English Query model is functioning properly. Do this after verifying the output and results displayed using the View Output command are correct.

This command is only available if you have previously selected the Run Regression command.

Note  The .eqr file must be writeable. If you are working in a project that is using source control, check the file out before using this command.

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