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Enhancing Dimensions with Optional Features

Enhancing Dimensions with Optional Features

SQL Server 2000

Dimensions can be enhanced with a number of features designed to increase functionality, such as member properties, custom rollup operators, custom member formulas, and member groups. Member properties are a way to associate additional attributes with dimension members. Custom rollup operators allow you to control the way in which aggregate values are calculated from child members. Custom member formulas allow you to specify Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) formulas to specify cell values that override the aggregate values of measures. Member groups provide a way of grouping large numbers of members without adding levels.

Topic Description
Creating Member Properties Contains information about member properties and how to use them.
Using Custom Rollup Operators Describes custom rollup operators and how to use them.
Creating Custom Member Formulas Describes custom member formulas and the steps to take before you create them.
Creating Member Groups Contains information about member groups and how to process their dimensions or cubes depending on different property settings.
Creating Dimensions with Multiple Hierarchies Describes dimensions with multiple hierarchies and the ways to create them.
Adding Hierarchies to Existing Dimensions Describes the process of adding hierarchies to existing dimensions.

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