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Upgrading the Catalog Stored Procedures (ODBC)

SQL Server 2000

  New Information - SQL Server 2000 SP3.

The Microsoft® SQL Server™ ODBC driver uses a set of system stored procedures, known as catalog stored procedures, to obtain information from the SQL Server system catalog. SQL Server installs the catalog stored procedures automatically when you install or upgrade SQL Server. The Instcat.sql file included with this driver includes minor updates to the catalog stored procedures. If this version of the SQL Server ODBC driver will be used against SQL Server version 6.5 or earlier versions, the SQL Server system administrator must upgrade the catalog stored procedures on the earlier SQL Server. Upgrading the catalog stored procedures does not affect the operation of existing SQL Server clients.

Running the SQL Server 2000 ODBC driver against an earlier version of SQL Server that has earlier versions of catalog stored procedures generates an error:

The ODBC catalog stored procedures installed on server <server_name> are 
version <old_version_number>; version <new_version_number> or later is 
required to ensure proper operation. Please contact your system 

Security Note  Batch files may contain credentials stored in plain text. Credentials may be echoed to the user's screen during batch execution.

To upgrade the catalog stored procedures


The SQL Server ODBC driver uses the following catalog stored procedures.

Stored procedure Returns
sp_catalogs List of all catalogs in a linked server. If the linked server is a server running an instance of SQL Server, the catalogs equate to databases.
sp_column_privileges Information about column permissions for the specified table(s).
sp_columns Information about columns for the specified table(s).
sp_databases List of databases.
sp_datatype_info Information about the supported data types.
sp_fkeys Information about logical foreign keys.
sp_pkeys Information about primary keys.
sp_linkedservers List of all linked servers defined on the local server.
sp_server_info List of attribute names and matching values for the server.
sp_special_columns Information for a single table about columns that have special attributes.
sp_sproc_columns Column information for a stored procedure.
sp_statistics List of indexes for a single table.
sp_stored_procedures List of stored procedures.
sp_table_privileges Information about table permissions for the specified table(s).
sp_tables List of objects that can be queried.

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