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Subject Property [Visio 2003 SDK Documentation]

Office 2003

Gets or sets the value of the Subject field in a document's properties.

strRet = object.Subject

object.Subject = stringExpression

strRet     String. The current value of the field.

object     Required. An expression that returns a Document object.

stringExpression     Required String. The new value for the field.

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Setting the Subject property is equivalent to entering information in the Subject box in the Properties dialog box (File menu).

Security  Use this feature with caution. Sensitive or confidential information could be revealed to other users.


This Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to use the Subject property to document the subject of a drawing. It adds a Document object to the Documents collection and sets the Document object's Subject property as well as other document properties.

Before running this macro, substitute your own values for the items in italics in the following code. To verify that these properties have been set, open the Properties dialog box.

Public Sub Subject_Example()

    Dim vsoDocument As Visio.Document 

    Set vsoDocument = Documents.Add("") 

    'Set the properties of the document. 
    vsoDocument.Title = "document title" 
    vsoDocument.Creator = "author name" 
    vsoDocument.Description = "document description" 
    vsoDocument.Keywords = "keyword1, keyword2, keyword3" 
    vsoDocument.Subject = "document subject" 
    vsoDocument.Manager = "manager name" 
    vsoDocument.Category = "document category" 

End Sub

Applies to | Document object