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Security (Level 3)

Security (Level 3)
SQL Server 6.x SQL Server 2000
The ON {table | view} (column [,...n]) syntax for the GRANT statement assigned the specified permissions to the columns given for the specified table or view. The ON {table | view} (column [,...n]) syntax for the GRANT statement is supported for backward compatibility only.

Consider using the SQL-92 standard GRANT syntax for object permissions and placing the column list before the ON clause.

The term integrated security allowed a SQL Server to use Windows NT Authentication mechanisms to validate logins for all connections. Standard security used SQL Server's own login validation process for all connections. Mixed security allowed login requests to be validated using either integrated or standard security. The terms Windows Authentication and Mixed Mode replace integrated security and mixed security, respectively. Standard security no longer exists.

Consider using the terms Windows Authentication and Mixed Mode rather than integrated security and mixed security. Do not refer to standard security. For more information about security modes, see Authentication.

The SETUSER statement allowed a database owner to impersonate another user. SETUSER is included in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 for backward compatibility only, and is not recommended. This statement may no longer be supported in a future release of SQL Server.

Consider removing all references to SETUSER.

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