Replication (Level 4)

Replication (Level 4)
SQL Server 6.x SQL Server 2000
Subscriptions to one or more articles in a publication were created either through SQL Server Enterprise Manager or through the appropriate system stored procedures. SQL Server Enterprise Manager no longer allows subscription to one or more articles. Subscribing to one or more articles of a publication can be done only by using the appropriate replication system stored procedures.

Expect different results as compared to earlier versions of SQL Server. Use the replication system stored procedures to subscribe to one or more articles of a publication. When using SQL Server Enterprise Manager, it is necessary to subscribe to the entire publication.

Replication functions differently between SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server version 6.5 servers. In addition, SQL Server 2000 offers enhanced scripting ability after your replication topology is created in the user interface. This enhanced scripting allows mass implementation of replication topology with a minimum of time and effort.