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SQL Server 6.x SQL Server 2000
The SET SHOWPLAN statement returned output as informational messages through SQLGetDiagRec in ODBC, or through the message handler in DB-Library applications. The SET SHOWPLAN statement is no longer supported. It has been replaced by SET SHOWPLAN_TEXT and SET SHOWPLAN_ALL. The output of SET SHOWPLAN_TEXT and SET SHOWPLAN_ALL is returned not as informational messages, but as a result set.

Consider removing all references of SET SHOWPLAN and replacing with references to either SET SHOWPLAN_TEXT (to display readable text) or SET SHOWPLAN_ALL (to display output that can be parsed more easily by an application building a report of showplan output). The application needs to process the output as part of the result set, not as messages returned through the ODBC SQLGetDiagRec function or the DB-Library message handler.

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