Utilities (Level 4)

Utilities (Level 4)
SQL Server 6.x SQL Server 2000
isql/w used DB-Library. The SQL-92 settings, like ANSI_WARNINGS, were set off, by default. SQL Query Analyzer uses the SQL Server ODBC driver, which, by default, sets these SQL-92 options on: SET ANSI_WARNINGS, SET ANSI_PADDING, and SET ANSI_NULLS. Any errors returned are formatted as ODBC errors rather than DB-Library errors.

Expect different results as compared to earlier versions of Microsoft® SQL Server™. Expect different results with SQL Query Analyzer, compared to the isql utility or the SQL Server 6.5 version of isql/w.

isql/w used the ANSI-ISO code pages. When connected to a server using OEM code page 850 or 437, ANSI to OEM character translation had to be explicitly enabled. Otherwise, data with extended characters appeared garbled. The SQL Server 2000 ODBC driver automatically detects the need for and sets up automatic ANSI to OEM conversion. In addition, when SQL Query Analyzer connects, automatic detection is enabled.

Expect a change in behavior when using SQL Query Analyzer with international or extended characters.

For additional information about changes to SQL Query Analyzer, see the discussion "Default Connection Option Settings in SQL Query Analyzer" in SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server version 7.0.