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System and Sample Databases

SQL Server 2000

When Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 is installed, Setup creates the database and log files shown in this table.

Database Database file Log file
master Master.mdf Mastlog.ldf
model Model.mdf Modellog.ldf
msdb Msdbdata.mdf Msdblog.ldf
tempdb Tempdb.mdf Templog.ldf
pubs Pubs.mdf Pubs_log.ldf
Northwind Northwnd.mdf Northwnd.ldf

The system databases are master, model, msdb, and tempdb. The sample databases, pubs and Northwind, are provided as learning tools. (Names of these databases are case-sensitive.) Many of the examples in SQL Server Books Online are based on the sample databases.

Note  The default location of the database and log files is Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Mssql\Data. This location may vary if the default location was changed when SQL Server was installed.

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