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Entity <ObjectID> is subentity of {entityid}, but has no join.

SQL Server 2000

Entity <ObjectID> is subentity of {entityid}, but has no join.

Message Text

This entity is a subentity of another entity, but there is no join from the key of the subentity (child) table to the key of the entity (parent) table.


The subentities (child) table has no join to connect it to the parent entities table. In the following example, both Enlisted and Officer are subentities of Military Personnel but only Officer has a join to the Military Personnel table.

This error occurs when:

  • The underlying join between the child table and the parent table is missing.

To prevent this error:

  • Make sure that a valid join exists between the child and parent tables and that the join is in the right direction.

  • Maintain all desired joins when you edit the Semantic Modeling Format (SMF).

  • Check for errors in changes to the SMF (for example, typographical errors, deletion of essential material and incorrect SMF).

  • If a parent table is deleted, delete the joins to that table.

To correct this error:

  • Create a join between the child and parent table by using the Table/New Table dialog box or by editing the SMF. For example, create a join between Enlisted and Military Personnel.

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