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remote query timeout Option

SQL Server 2000

Use the remote query timeout option to specify the number of seconds that must elapse when processing a remote operation before Microsoft® SQL Server™ assumes the command failed or took too much time to perform (times out). The default is 600, which allows a ten minute wait.

For heterogeneous queries, remote query timeout specifies the number of seconds (initialized in the command object using the DBPROP_COMMANDTIMEOUT rowset property) that a remote provider should wait for result sets before the query times out. This value is also used to set DBPROP_GENERALTIMEOUT if supported by the remote provider. This will cause any other operations to time out after the specified number of seconds.

For remote stored procedures, remote query timeout specifies the number of seconds that must elapse after sending a remote "EXEC sp" before the remote stored procedure times out.

The setting takes effect immediately (without a server stop and restart).

To set a time limit for remote queries

Enterprise Manager



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