This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

RepeatSection Property [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference]

Office 2003

You can use the RepeatSection property to specify whether a group header is repeated on the next page or column when a group spans more than one page or column. Read/write Boolean.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


The RepeatSection property only applies to group headers on a report.

The RepeatSection property uses the following settings.

Setting Visual Basic Description
Yes True The group header is repeated.
No False (Default) The group header isn't repeated.

Note  You can set the RepeatSection property by using the group header section's property sheet , a macro , or Visual Basic .

When printing a report that contains a subreport, the subreport's RepeatSection property will determine if the subreport group headers are repeated across pages or columns.


The following example prints the group header "GroupHeader0" at the top of each page.

Reports("Purchase Order").Section("GroupHeader0").RepeatSection = True

Applies to | Section Object