This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

HorizontalExtent Property

Office 2003

You use the HorizontalExtent property to specify or determine the extent of the horizontal view of the ChScrollView object. Returns a Long. Read/write Long.

expression .HorizontalExtent

expression    Required. An expression that returns a ChScrollView object.


You use methods and properties of the ChScrollView object to retrieve information about and control the view of a chart. The portion of the Chart component that displays the chart itself is the visible plot area and it can display the entire chart or a portion of the chart. When only a portion of the chart is displayed in the visible plot area, the effect is as if you have zoomed in on that portion of the chart and the remainder of the chart is contained within a virtual plot area that extends beyond the boundary of the visible plot area. For information on how the values of the properties of the ChScrollView object relate to each other, see the ChScrollView object topic.


The following example uses the HorizontalExtent and the HorizontalExtentMax properties to toggle a chart view between zoomed and unzoomed (horizontally). In this example, the Chart component is called ChartSpace1.

    Sub ZoomView()
    Dim lngHEM

    lngHEM = Chartspace1.Charts(0).ScrollView.HorizontalExtentMax

    If Chartspace1.Charts(0).ScrollView.HorizontalExtent = lngHEM Then
          ' Zoom the chart.
          Chartspace1.Charts(0).ScrollView.HorizontalExtent = (lngHEM / 3)
          ' Zoom out on the chart.
          Chartspace1.Charts(0).ScrollView.HorizontalExtent = lngHEM
    End If
End Sub

Applies to | ChScrollView Object